Ephemeral [Melodic Death Metal] (EP Album)

by Melodic Death Metal

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A New Release, Melodic Death Metal Albums 2013/2014


released June 20, 2013

—Music Composed & Recorded by Phil Arnone, aka Chrome/ChromeCelica00
—Vocals Composed & Recorded by Mike Metal
—Additional Recording & Assistance by Glenn Strawbridge
—Drums Recorded by Michael Marrone
—Mixed & Mastered by Tarik Solangi at Prime Time Sound Studios



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Deadtide | Melodic Death Metal Band | NYC/NY/NJ USA New York, New York

MODERN MELODIC DEATH METAL with clean vocals. Bands & people keep saying things like we're the next 'old In Flames'—we have other plans. Putting American Melodic Death Metal bands' music on a new, more exciting level. 30,000 total subscribers on our YouTube channels. Listen to Melodeath 2017/Albums+Social Links: about.me/deadtide ... more

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Track Name: Deadtide - Anthem of the Insomniac
Nighttime—always beckoning;
the time to share the world with others no longer
as they live through fantasy while we own reality
Let's take a trip to the adrenaline fields
to harvest artificial insomnia
to let the body and mind run wild

Leave us, Sleep
You may have the weak
to hold against their weak wills
We're breaking the binds of sleep
Banish the sandman
Slaughter the sheep
Repress adenosine
to make every hour count

Enjoy the ride under midnight skies;
tomorrow never matters till the sun rises
We bring our bodies to the cliffs of limit
on the walk of delirium, night after night;
inevitably, we collapse over the edge,
falling from capacity
As the sun climbs the horizon,
heavy, then, become our eyes,
and we plunge into the deep seas of sleep

Leave us, Sleep
You may have the weak
to hold against their weak wills
We're breaking the binds of sleep
Banish the sandman
Slaughter the sheep
Repress adenosine

Tranquillity that stimulates the mind...
Places that awaken at night....
Lucubration, locked in a chamber...
Restless, insomnolent brethren
consumed by wanderlust...
Though it all may lead to early graves,
we tear through twilight anyway...
Our bodies have all of death to rest.
Track Name: Chronolapse [Instrumental]
[Melodic Death Metal Instrumental]
Track Name: Stargazer Syndrome
Human condition and existential enigma
lead always back to the stars;
it's believed the matter from which we came will reveal everything
Years: thousands... victims: billions... starstruck—lost in thought
Beyond Earth's atmosphere lies our obsession

As you stare up, into our deadly universe
that masquerades as an entity of sinless beauty,
ever wonder how those trillions of stars always send your mind astray?

'Cause out there exist celestial bodies of death;
atoms fuse and rip apart
Gaze long enough,
then, as your thought exceeds the beauty of the stars,
in sets stargazer syndrome
The stars prepare to ravish your brain
as the star-sirens sing

The star-sirens promise answers humanity dies to know
and summon your brain to venture to space
When it's within reach, the stars pierce your brain;
Ego-feast—they dine on your admiration

As you ruminate
on the wonders and mysteries of the universe,
thousands of stars cannonball into the mental reservoir;
Nowhere for the rising seas to go—overflow

Scrutinizing the majesty beyond the sky
looking for answers, but you're looking at lies
If you flirt with the sirens, you fall to the syndrome.